Top 10 Tile Cleaning Tips

Regular tile cleaning and grout cleaning is very essential, especially if you want to keep a home that is always clean and germ-free for your toddler to roam around in. Doing this at a regular basis would keep all the molds, bacteria, and fungi away, thus protecting your child from illnesses or allergies. Just remember that your tiles are not the only part of your home that needs to be clean at all times, so you would also need your carpet cleaner to clean your carpets and do some upholstery cleaning as well. Aside from hiring a carpet cleaner, here are ten of the best tile cleaning tips you can find to make your home always smelling fresh and clean:

1. Tile cleaning and grout cleaning should be done regularly with top-quality disinfectants and cleaning solutions. Light cleaners like vinegar or baking soda could even help prevent stains, molds and mildew.

2. Use the same tools that carpet cleaners from the firms providing carpet cleaning in Emerald Coast area use in cleaning your tiles and grout and even for upholstery cleaning. These include hard brushes as well as a damp cloth to wipe the tiles off. Proper tools coupled with the ideal cleaning solution will help remove the stains easily.

3. If your grout has gone damaged and you have hired a carpet cleaner, then maybe you can ask him to repair it. Sealing of the grout should be done so tile chipping or flooring damage could be prevented.

4. Tile cleaning using a vacuum cleaner and a hot cleaning solution should be done at least once every week. Grout cleaning could be done just as often as well, although this is not really that necessary and could be left off for once every two weeks just like upholstery cleaning.

5. Follow the example of the carpet cleaners from the firms offering carpet cleaning in Emerald Coast area and avoid mixing a number of cleaners together, as this could damage the tiles.

6. For hard stains, you could follow what a carpet cleaner does and use grout floor cleaner.

7. If doing ceramic tile cleaning along with grout cleaning, make sure to have the grout cleaner soak for a while first. This could make the cleaning easier for you.

8. Just like in upholstery cleaning, make sure to wear gloves when using strong cleaning solutions for cleaning tiles and grout. You will note that carpet cleaners from the firms offering carpet cleaning in Emerald Coast area will do this as well.

9. If you always hire a carpet cleaner to clean your carpets and all the other cleaning process needed in your home, then in between his visits, you could clean your tiles by wiping them down with just plain water.

10. Spraying your tiled floors and walls with a product that could decrease the growth of mildew in between deep cleansings would also be a great maintenance tip for you to follow.