Painting Basement Floor

Due to the current economy, many people are turning to remodeling their house rather than selling it. The first thing that a lot of people do is to add a new deck, or something of that nature, but this can become very expensive. They would be a lot better off to spend money on fixing up their interior. One aspect they can work on is painting their basement floor. Everyone knows that basements are typically used to store old equipment or as a place to enjoy company. When enough stuff sits around, or furniture and people are always moving around, the basement floor is going to take quite a beating. Another issue with basements is that many of them tend to collect a lot of water, since the room is at ground level. There are a few things people should know about painting basement floor, including how to perform the task and where to buy the paint.

Painting Basement Floor

Before people begin the painting basement floor process, they will need to decide if they are simply going to waterproof the floor, or if they want to paint it to match their favorite team’s colors. Once they have made their decision regarding what they want to do with their basement floor, they will need to make a quick stop at the hardware store. While at the hardware store, they will need to pick up a paint roller, a few brushes, some tape, a mix pan, primer and, obviously, the proper amount of paint.

To begin the process, they should use the painter’s tape to cover up anything they do not want to accidentally paint, such as wallboards. Once everything has been taped, they should sand and clean the floor. Once the floor has dried, they can apply the primer, and once the primer has dried, which typically takes a few hours, they can begin painting. Ideally, they should use the roller as frequently as possible, because the process will go a lot faster, and the person will save their back. The brushes should be used in delicate areas, such as around where the painter’s tape is located.

Basement Floor Paint

When it comes to finding basement floor paint, people will find that there are several options at nearly any hardware or paint store. Most of the paint is latex based, so if people are allergic to latex they should not attempt this process. The paint comes in a variety of colors, so people can become very creative with this process. Painting a basement floor is pretty simple, and it really only takes a few hours of labor, aside from waiting for the paint and primer to dry. Ideally, they should allow between one and five hours each to dry, and they can apply a second coat of paint for extra protection. Their guests will certainly be impressed when they see their friend’s new basement floor.