Insulating Basement Floor

Most people realize that basements are much more susceptible to collecting water than any other room in the house. Moisture itself; however, is just the start of things, because it can lead to the creation of mold and mildew, which can drive people with allergies insane. Most people figure that this is something they are just going to have to deal with, so they fail to really do anything about it. These same people may replace their carpet or tile every few years, which is far too frequent and expensive. The people who participate in this act will be glad to know there is actually something they can do about the issue, besides buying new flooring materials. The solution they are looking for is basement floor insulation.

Basement Floor Insulation Options

There are two primary ways to go about insulating a basement floor, and this section will discuss the majority of them. The first way is to use foam board. Foam board will certainly keep the floor a little warmer and it will also deaden sound in the basement. Foam board is also one of the most affordable options. The downside to foam board is that it has a lot of pores, which can allow water to seep through, thus creating the disturbing mold and mildew scenario. Most people have discovered that the ideal way is to install what is known as a sub-floor. A subfloor is essentially like a box that is attached to and sits above the actual floor. The sub-floor should be constructed of 5/8 inch plywood, which will be support the foam board or wafer board. Now, people are probably thinking that they were just told not to use foam board, but that part of the section was talking about laying foam board directly on the floor, not above it.

Benefits of Insulating Basement Floor

With an insulated basement, people will discover several benefits. The first thing is that they will notice that water will no longer make its way into the floor, thus eliminating nasty smells and allergy issues. In addition, the homeowners will notice that their energy bills will lower a fair amount, because the insulation will keep the floor warmer, and a warm floor will not require as much heat to warm. An insulated floor will also keep the basement quieter, so parents will be able to rest while their kids socialize and play in the basement.

Insulating basement floor is one of the best investments anyone can make. They will find that the process only takes a few days. They will also discover that the materials required to complete the project are very affordable, and they will not need a ton of tools to complete the job. Basement floor insulation supplies can be found at any flooring or hardware store.