Basement Floor Tiles

When it comes to remodeling a basement, many people discover that the tile work is the first thing that needs to be considered. Tile tends to pick up a lot of dirt and mud, and it can also attract mold and mildew, which can produce a terrible smell, not to mention how harsh it can be on people who have allergies. Replacing tile can be a tedious task if people do not know how to complete the process, but by following a few steps and having the proper equipment, people will complete the process fairly quickly.

How to Tile a Basement Floor

First and foremost, if people already have tile on their floor, they will need to remove it. Removing tile is not very hard, as all the person will need to use a chisel, hammer and stanley knife. The main part of this article; however, is how to install tile, so that will be the primary focus. The first thing people will need to do is to measure the length and width of the room that needs tile work. From there, they will want to multiply the length by width, which will give them a measurement in square feet. Once they have their measurements, they will need to visit a flooring center to buy the style of tile they like best.

Now that they have their tile, they will need to buy a few tools to help them complete the job. The will need to buy grout, tile adhesive and a wetsaw. They should begin by laying their tiles out to form the pattern of their desire. If they find that there are pipes or anything that interfere with the pattern, they can cut them with a wetsaw. Once they establish the best pattern, they will use the tile adhesive to secure the tiles to the floor. Once the tiles have dried, they will be able to fill the gaps with grout, which is essentially mortar that will make the surface appear more flush.

Thermaldry Basement Floor Tiles

Most people realize that basement floors can become pretty chilly, but Thermaldry basement floor tiles have created the perfect solution. Their tiles feature tiny pegs on the bottom side of the tile, which allows them to sit higher than ground level. When people notice that basement floors are cold, it is because they are essentially walking on concrete that is just centimeters above ground level.

Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber floor tiles have become a very popular option for people looking to do a little remodeling, because they offer a very modern appearance. The nice thing about rubber floor tiles is that they interlock together, thus eliminating the need to have a lot of tile work experience. Despite the fact that they lock together, they still produce a very elegant appearance.

Tiling a basement floor is an excellent investment, whether people simply want to replace the old tiles or switch from concrete to tile. People will find that the process can typically be completed in a couple of days. When doing tile work, it is very important to use kneepads and take frequent breaks, because the work can be physically demanding.